Dispelling myths of crowdsourced testing

/ 24th January, 2022 / Other
Dispelling myths of crowdsourced testing

There are trends in the industry that can’t be ignored if you offer a global digital product to multi-locations and a wealth of target markets. Any successful product launch, especially if it involves a mobile application, should consider crowdsourced testing as the most flexible, fast, diversified, and cost-effective testing solution.
Here is the list of the most common fears about crowd testing, which should be overcome to gain benefits from it.

Fear of the price
Many companies and entrepreneurs don’t understand why they need to pay for crowdsourced testers when it is possible to hire an in-house team. Okay, just imagine you have testers of your own. You have to provide a continuous workload for them, all the needed devices for testing, manage them, handle all the HR issues, sick leaves, social benefits, professional training, etc.
But if you use Ubertesters, you have access to thousands of professional, certified, well-trained experts, any available device, operating system, or carrier to test with.
Further, you may choose the demographics and geographic markets that labs simply can’t replicate accurately. Lastly, there is a bug reporting platform that is free for you to use, and an assigned project manager to handle the entire process for you.

Fear of product knowledge?
You think that is it necessary to know the product well, all the ‘ins and outs’ of it, in order to test it well. Well, is that a correct assumption regarding your users and target audience? Do they know the product so well before using it?
Our testers simulate real users, under real market conditions with actual devices. The testers also bring a fresh and unbiased perspective, which is hard to capture internally.
We hire certified experts, that will be at your disposal any time, acting as real users, with one goal in mind – “breaking” your app or digital product and letting you know about any defect or issue in advance, before your real users will find it.

Fear of unskilled testers
You fear that your product will find itself tested by newbie testers or even unskilled end-users. Have no fear. Ubertesters have only certified testers with proven skills, technical background, and excellent English (or any other desired local language you seek). The community of testers went through an intense certification process and we fully guarantee their results. Moreover, if for some reason you are unhappy with the results of a particular tester you can easily switch for another.

Fear of lack of control
Discomfort about the control over the process that is connected with all crowdsourced services. Uncertainty and the lack of control over the process chill customers to the bone. Today professional crowd testing platforms have a solid infrastructure to support the testing process. You could track everything: time spent by the particular tester, list of bugs reported, and overall effectiveness. Everything is logged and could be monitored 24/7 anywhere. In addition, because crowd testing is all about using a large group of testers, you can always benchmark the results and compare the output of the testers to identify weak team members and replace them. This could ease even the strongest anxiety.

To summarize, just like fighting any other fear, you should consider the true range of benefits that crowd testing can bring to you and the successful launch of your digital product. Further, consider the true risks – do you really have a lot to lose? Crowd testing must not necessarily replace your own in-house team. It can be used in addition to other testing methods to allow you access to real users, with real devices under real-life conditions testing.


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