Localization testing services

The main purpose of localization testing is to optimize the product’s appearance and language correctness in regions with different cultural paradigms.

Ubertesters offers you a managed crowd of testers worldwide to provide top notch localization testing services.

Localization testing is a compliance test of the software of a product for the target market. It evaluates the conformance of the product to the language and cultural standards of a selected location, as well as being tailored to existing particularities.

Translation testing

The best translation is the one that is not visible. Without having access to native speakers among your testers, it is nearly impossible to take into account all word connotations, the speaking of nuances as well as other ins and outs of the language. Moreover, you risk confusing or insulting your users due to misconceptions of incorrectly translated words that may have other unusual meanings.

Ubertesters is the only remedy to test your localization with natives who are professional QAs too.

Localization testing

There are more key points that should be reviewed and checked to optimize your application for a particular market like phone number formatting, color scheme etc. There are also some cultural ins and outs which are not obvious, but may lead to embarrassing situations.

Ubertesters will save you from such problems and build a competitive localization strategy for you.

Globalization testing

Conquering an international market is an ambitious challenge. Are you ready for it? Your software should be flawless anywhere in the world, and in any region. You can’t predict how it would be perceived, all that remains is to test if it is ready to go global.

And Ubertesters' global team is here to help.

Why Ubertesters is your perfect solution for localization testing

Testers from 80+ countries

Testers from all over the world are the best guarantee that all cultural and regional nuances will be taken into account when translating your software product.

Testing on a global level

The Ubertesters crowd will help you to conquer the world with your top notch product. Globalization testing is the necessary step to take before going global, and we know how to make your product worldclass.

All languages

When entering local target markets, a worldwide crowd of testers will ensure that your app has a native language in any region. The Ubertesters team is on guard for your product’s translation!

Robust testing platform Full access to the Ubertesters platform included ($129 value) when hiring testers with Ubertesters!

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  • Full access to the Ubertesters platform included ($129 value)
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