What are the qualities of a good tester?

What are the qualities of a good tester?

When your company needs a good software tester it is very important to know how to recognize a qualified candidate among many others. What are the indications of a good tester? You will find some of the most important of them below.

  • Curiosity. When your candidate shows interest in different areas as well as easily extends his/her knowledge “borders”, it is a good indication that he/she is able to do software testing more accurately and efficiently.
  • Persistence. It means that nonworking application with a lot of issues is the perfect challenge for those guys to show themselves as large as life. They use all available means and never back out till they find out the root cause for the issues.
  • Deep knowledge of an application. Of course, you aren’t able to check a potential candidate on how fast can he/she learn all features and working principles at once, but it is a good way for tester to show all his/her selflearning abilities.
  • Attention to details. Probably, the most crucial point. When a new, previously unknown application is tested, a thorough study of all the little things should be done. As a result, your customers will be happy to work with problemless application.
  • Ability to prioritize. Before the testing actually starts they decide what to be tested, what kind of testing to be done and how to resolve potential issues during the testing process. This approach guarantees the most productive and efficient working process, so candidates who are able to work that way can be even more valuable.
  • Diplomacy. It is a helpful skill when working with a programmer on fixing bugs and describing all found issues.
  • Persuasiveness. To help programmers in prioritizing of bugs to be fixed certain examples can be attached to the description. So, particular bugs can be more crucial than it might seem at first glance.

All these qualities are essential to a highskilled tester, but, probably, you will not be able to quickly find such a good person whose skills are acceptable on all counts. However, you can choose the candidate whose skills are best suited specifically for your company’s specific needs.

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