Mobile Application For B2B: A Recipe For Success

/ 3rd February, 2015 / Tips and Tricks
Mobile Application For B2B: A Recipe For Success

Creating a mobile application for B2B is not an easy task. There are several must-have components that you will definitely need to consider if you want to make it work. Here they are.

P.S. There are 5 tips for B2B marketing below, make sure to check it out.

#1. Workflow availability.

Nowadays mobile devices are developing really quickly, but the capabilities are still the same:

  • storage;
  • bandwidth;
  • performance.

Such thing as availability is often forgotten. When you are creating the B2B mobile application, think carefully whether it still works properly for those people who are in sublevel basements or far from the city. If your answer is negative, well, you have a serious issue.

#2. Usability.

Don’t forget that development of B2B mobile application differs greatly from the client/server application. In order to make your B2B mobile application effective, try to think about your potential customers.

Who is going to use your app? What job title does he or she have? That will help you to make the design of your app plain and simple and understandable for everyone.

Don’t forget to test your app on usability issues.

#3. Application workflow.

It is strictly important to show that B2B application is still working properly even when it doesn’t respond. That is why the indication of process is crucial. It releases your customers from thinking that the your B2B application is stuck.

#4. Security requirements.

It is one more very important requirement for B2B ap. Consider encryption of the data as a mean of protecting your customers’ information.

B2B mobile applications have already shown significant improvement of marketing efficiency. Follow the aforementioned requirements, use the mentioned tricks and you will gain success in B2B marketing and sales.

5 tips to make your B2B app work perfectly for your B2B marketing and sales activities

  1. Make your mobile application for B2B really interactive. Remember, that great amount of B2B sales and mobile applications for marketing represent the tablet-based version of presentations, videos and booklets. They will not become more efficient just because you use them on touch-screen gadgets. Try to establish contact with your end user instead. Bear in mind that the customer is going to make a choice what aspects of your B2B mobile app he or she would like to explore in more details and in what order.
  2. Make sure that your application works not only on mobile devices. Think of a separate application for desktop computers and browser application that runs on the web.
  3. Offline and online services. Make sure that you mobile app is working properly even when device is not connected to the Internet.
  4. Make really quick updates. It gives your customers the opportunity to get the access to the latest version of the content as soon as they will be connected to the Internet.
  5. Use analytics.Track not only the number of customers who have downloaded your mobile application, but also what devices they have when they use your app. Integrated analytics will be your powerful tool in B2B marketing.

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