Hunting season for bugs is open! 5 tips to succeed in bug hunting

Hunting season for bugs is open! 5 tips to succeed in bug hunting

See below five tips that will help you to hold effective bug hunting.

#1. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

You know perfectly that the mission of releasing the product that doesn’t have any bugs at all is impossible. It’s also impossible to cover all aspects of testing when testing by pre-defined test cases.
Our advice to the testers is: if you are using predefined test cases, make sure to explore functionality under test as well. Otherwise the possibility that you will miss some significant bug due to ‘inattentional blindness’ is really high.

#2. Explore the pattern!

It is a well known fact that the bugs have gregarious nature. They prefer to come together in groups. In the process of testing a new but resembling functionality, a tester should approach to his previous ideas and solutions. That is why it will be a good thing to write down somewhere the ideas that have already brought you a lot of good in the testing process.

#3. Hit the bug in its raw spot.

If you log the bug into your bug report as soon as you found it, you are wrong. This can be just the beginning but not the end.
Presence of a bug means that there is some loose link in your software system. You should take advantage of this instability of the system. Reduce the resources of the system; feed a great number of insane inputs and soon you will be able to see the appearance of other earlier and more dangerous bugs.

#4. Give an ear to the sounds of coming bugs.

Sometimes the appearance of the bug can be accompanied by various sounds. Therefore testers should always wear the headset in the process of bugs hunting. In such a manner they will not miss warning messages that cannot appear on their screen for some reason but nevertheless will inform testers about the bug appearance.

#5. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask your colleagues for help.

There are some cases when even the most brilliant tester cannot uncover the bug alone. In this case he should collaborate with his colleagues and hold the bug hunting process together. In such a way the tester may be able to generate ideas and to find some new solutions. Join Ubertesters on Facebook and shrare your questions and issues – our community is always ready to help!

These tips hopefully will help you to achieve the success in your bug hunting and to catch even more bugs that you have been catching before. Good luck in your bug hunting!

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