We Are Hiring! Apply To Become A Tester Today!

We Are Hiring! Apply To Become A Tester Today!

Earn money testing amazing mobile apps from the leading developers with Ubertesters!
Apply now and start making some serious cash!

Apply now for tester position
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Ubertesters is a leading mobile testing solution provider that offers a crowd of on-demand, global testers with devices and a comprehensive platform that support mobile testing process. Ubertesters service has been recognized by many global brands such as Verizon, Intuit, T-Mobile, Houzz, Polaris and many others.

What are the benefits of working with Ubertesters

  • Get paid for each hour spent on testing;
  • Absolutely flexible working schedule – you test apps in your spare time;
  • Career opportunity – work hard and become a team-lead. Team-leads earn even more money!
  • Amazing projects from global brands.

Hint! Make sure to connect as much mobile devices as you have. This will increase your chances to get a project, because many of them require testing on specific devices.

You’ll become a part of a talented team of world-class testers, test pre-released amazing mobile apps and exciting games from the leading mobile developers around the world, and have the opportunity to grow and earn even more money.

What do I need to become a tester with Ubertesters?

Here at Ubertesters we have different projects, that require both professional testers and beginners with a minimal experience. Sign up today – we take you as we find you!

What is required:

  1. Smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android; the more you have – the more projects you can get);
  2. Some free time for testing (you’ll specify your available hours when filling up a form);
  3. Be passionate about exploring new testing techniques and trends;
  4. Be our Facebook community friend – we often share good tips and future projects for testers. Like Us now!

Apply now for tester position

How it works

  1. You fill up the form with a basic information about yourself, your experience and available mobile devices (please sign up from your PC, not from mobile device).
  2. One of our managers will contact you to complete the certification process (don’t worry – there are no fees or charges, it’s all on us!)
  3. You start testing and earn money for each time spent on testing.

Done? While you are waiting to be contacted by one of our managers, here is some useful information for you…

Make sure to share your thoughts in comments! We encourage active testers!
Good luck.

Apply now for tester position

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