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QA Outsourcing Service

Get dedicated remote QA Outsourcing resources with Ubertesters to expand your QA team.

Having offices in Eastern Europe, we provide all necessary cutting-edge testing tools, skills, and procedures at an amazing price/quality ratio. Our remote dedicated testers will work solely on your project ensuring the full engagement, quickest results, and detailed reporting to help you improve the development process. As a result, you get a faster time-to-market and improved software quality.

What you get working with us

Detailed reporting and 24/7 availability

We achieve the highest transparency with detailed reporting and analytics. You will follow the team’s accomplishments at any given moment and get full control over the tester’s tasks and results.

Long-lasting partnership

We are always interested in partnership and ready to become a trusted software testing company that adds efficiency and productivity in your project flow.

Flexible arrangements

Ubertesters become a part of your team. We meet deadlines, provide timely results, and switch between testing types under your project’s requirements. Collaboration with us is well-coordinated work process.


You will work with a proactive and highly skilled team. Our dedicated testers know your niche better than others and provide the most valuable insights.

No overheads

Get a required number of qualified testing professionals without incurring operational costs.

Accelerated time to market

Speed up your product delivery and efficiency with best QA practices and skilled testers

Thorough approach

Ubertesters experts provide QA testing services that identify potential issues, prioritize user needs, and come with a clear, detailed reporting.

Any questions?

Our QA testing Services and Cooperation model

Part-time QA service

The tester takes part in several projects at the same time and can be paid hourly or at a fixed price for a certain number of tasks.

Full-time QA service

If your product is complex, the in-house testing is insufficient, or hiring an expert becomes a problem on your local market, you need dedicated experts inseparable from your work process.

Fully-equipped team

Collaborate with a high-grade outsourcing team of testers and a dedicated project manager, or a QA team lead, who can be engaged on a full- or part-time basis.

What our clients say

Tal Yaari, VP Engineering, (Movez)

We have been working with Ubertesters' dedicated remote team of offshore QA specialists for the past two years and have been extremely impressed with their level of dedication and commitment. Their team has a deep understanding of our needs and requirements, and they are working hard to meet our deadlines. We highly recommend Ubertesters for any business looking for a reliable and dedicated offshore QA team.

Eyal Bar-Noy, VP Engineering, (Redkix)

We have utilized Ubertesters offshore QA outsourcing services for two years and have been extremely pleased with the level of proficiency and meticulousness they bring. Their efficient identification and resolution of software issues saved us both time and money, and we highly recommend Ubertesters to any business in search of exceptional QA outsourcing services.

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Get in touch, fill out the form below, and an Ubertesters representative will contact you shortly to find out how we can help you.


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