Complete mobile beta testing solution

One platform to orchestrate your entire mobile testing process

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Build distribution

Easy and secure revision management.

Distribution groups and user management.

Over-the-air build distribution.

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Bug Submission

In-app reports with screenshots.

Automatic crash notifications.

Full test cases or black-box testing.

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Full Management

Complete control over team, reports,
devices and revisions.

Real time monitoring of testing sessions and device use.

Full integration with 3rd party bug-tracking systems.

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Hire Testers

Global testers with variety of devices to test your app.

Single platform to manage crowd testers with in-house team.

Multilevel reporting quality control and automation.

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Stay on top of your app's quality with the Ubertesters platform.

Ubertesters harnesses the power of a platform within the simplicity of an easy to navigate and operate web
and mobile tool. No special training required – get up and running in minutes.

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Upload & distribute builds, assign requirements, manage builds, manage teams and tested devices, view issues and timelines, collect crash data & custom logs, receive edited screenshots from testers, get reports and user's feedback, and much more - all with one intuitive tool.

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Fits everyone involved in the QA routine including the developer, tester, R&D manager and the QA team lead and as the project manager you'll have insight into who's doing what, and where everything stands.

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Cross-platform support. Works with iOS, Android and WinPhone

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Time is precious and improved efficiency is key component in the mobile development process. Build distribution, test cases acceptance, activity view, full bug information, tracking, and more - all will be instantly displayed on either your desktop control screen or mobile device allowing you to react quickly and stay in sync.

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Everyone involved

The Ubertesters platform helps everyone across your development
chain to conduct a more efficient and structured testing process.

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Project manager

As the person responsible for the complete development project, you get full control over the beta testing phase. You get real-time reports and statistics per build and per tester to allow team management, and issue progress and status reports to his/her supervisor.


Able to automatically receive the correct build for testing with complete clarity about what needs to be tested. Can conduct the testing, post issues, send accurate, edited and immediate test results right from his device while on-the-go with no need to connect to the PC.

Mobile App Developers

Able to deliver the latest build Over-The-Air to project manager or QA team lead and testers. The full detailed bug information arrives with all required information including a complete edited screenshot, and the developer can chat with the tester in the case of additional questions.

QA teamlead

Ability to manage, control and monitor the test team on real-time basis. Hassle-free build distribution and build management, assign test cases and requirements by tester or device type, receive bug, crashes and issues activity, and monitor the testers in real time.

R&D manager

Get piece-of-mind that the mobile beta testing process is done in a systematic and well established fashion that follows the QA protocol and meets budget constraints. Keep you interlinked with user's feedback and get focused executive summary reports from the project manager about the QA progress.

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How it works

Use the simple, powerful, and accurate platform for your
complete beta testing process.

  • Drop your build and chosen members will receive it instantly.

    1. Upload
  • Testers conduct full requirements testing (test cases, crashes, custom logging, tasks, features).

    2. Test
  • Get full transparency to test results, edited screenshots, sessions, issues with broad statistics and reports.

    3. Track
  • Hold the process reins - you manage the builds, the team and the devices.

    4. Control

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