The Advantages of the Crash Reporter Tool

When you build an app for the iPhone users, the first thing that comes to your mind must be a way to launch a good app that performs well and that doesn`t upset its users with constant crashes and instable performance.

So how to ensure that your app is stable and performs well?

Go for the Ubertesters testing platform and you will find there an amazing crash reporting tool and will provide all the necessary information about the crashes that happen to your app and besides that there is a community of professional testers who will help you to find those crashes and bugs in your app.

How does iPhone crash reporter work?

With the Ubertesters platform testers can easily report crashes while testing your app. They do not need to do anything special – when the app crashes, this information is sent to the server automatically and the reported issue contains a lot of useful information, such as a stack trace, the device stats and other, to make it easier for the developers to fix the crash.

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You may also find it very convenient to connect your bug tracker to your Ubertesters account so that you can easily push the crashes to it and go ahead fixing it.

With the platform you can better organize your mobile beta testing process - no need to have multiple accounts with different services, since the Ubertesters platform has literally everything to comfortably work with your team and have everything in one place.

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