Step-by-step instruction for Ubertesters organization’s manager

After the sign up, the following quick steps should be taken to start working with Ubertesters.

  1. Create a new organization

    An organization is a set of projects on different platforms united by a common business-goal.

    Go to and click "Create New Organization" button.

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    Fill in the form and click "Create new organization" button.

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  2. Create a new project

    2.1. Add the project

    Go to and click “Create New Project” button.

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    Select your organization, the platform – Android or iOS, enter project title and click “Create a project”. You can also drag and drop your .ipa or .apk file there to upload the first revision.

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    2.2. Integrate Ubertesters SDK to your project

    In order to start using the Ubertesters platform you will need to integrate our SDK with your mobile project code. There is a simple SDK integration process allowing you to use our complete Ubertesters library.

    To download the SDK archive, visit You may find integration instructions for iOS and Android platforms, our API and different crossplatform frameworks such as Unity, PhoneGap/Cordova, Xamarin and others. Go to project settings page and copy project ID for using during integration with your builds.

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    2.3. Upload your build revision to the project

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    It is required to upload the build (revision) of your app so to start the testing process.

    • Go to “Projects” menu at the top of the page to check the list of the projects
    • Click on “Upload revision” button ( 1 ). If you are uploading the first revision to the project, you’ll see the blue button “Upload first revision” ( 2 ).
    • Drag your .ipa or .apk file to the dashed lines area to upload it.
    • When the file processing is completed, enter revision title and description and click “Confirm Revision” button. You can also drag and drop your .apk file (to extract your project resources)
  3. Add devices to your account

    The builds should be tested on the mobile devices. You need to add your devices or the devices of your testers to the account to work with them.

    Go to and click on “Connect your devices”.

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    Here you’ll see the list of the devices added to your account and will be able to add the new one.

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    image description

    Click on “Connect device”. You will be offered to add the device using one of the following options:

    For confirmation, please do the following:

    • iOS: press "Install Ubertesters for iOS". Run the application and log in.
    • Android: press “Install Ubertesters for Android”. Run the application and log in.
  4. Connect your account with social networks

    This step is optional, however it will save you a lot of time. When the account is connected with one of the social network, you will be able to log into Ubertesters using it.

    Click on “Connect Social Networks”

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    Select social network from the suggested list and click on “Connect”. Please accept the terms of service of the selected service to connect the accounts.

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  5. Invite members

    To start working on a project you need to invite your team. The number of members that can be added depends on your plan.

    Go to the “Projects” and click on your project. Navigate to “Administration” tab and click “Add Members”

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    It is required to add the following details:

    1. email address of the new member – you can enter the email address manually or import the contact from CSV file.
    2. type the message to the new member that will be sent to him or just leave it empty.
    3. grant a role for the new member – it can be QA, Developer or Manager. Each role has different rights.
    4. select the distribution group (optional) – it can be one group or multiple ones.
  6. Start testing a new revision

    When the new revision is uploaded, it is required to start it so it become available for the testers.

    • Go to Projects menu and select the project
    • Go to Revisions (3rd) tab in the left-hand navigation menu
    • Click “Start” on a revision you would like to work with
    • Mark the members you would like to include to the project and click on “Start testing revision”. Check “Send Notification” if you want to notify the users by email.
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  7. Launch the project/App on the device and start the testing process

    You will see your project/app in the Ubertesters mobile application, download the desired build/revision and you will see a new icon on the device with your project name.

    Launch the project/App on the device and start the testing process.
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