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No. of Organization Members ( ? )

An Organization Member is a user who is registered under your organization. Your own testers, developers, managers and admins are considered as organization members.

Ubertesters hired for additional fee are not considered as members of your organization and are not limited by the plan's member limits.

Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 40 TBD
No. of Projects Up to 5 Up to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Included Features:
SDK Automatic insertion to build available available available available
Over-the-air (OTA) distribution available available available available
Unlimited Crash logging available available available available
Session tracking available available available available
Custom logging available available available available
Unlimited Bug reporting system available available available available
Screenshot editing / messaging available available available available
Team and revision management available available available available
Distribution Group available available available available
Integrated Bug Report System available available available available
Statistics available available available available
Special extra features:
Video Recording available available available available
Integrate 3rd party Bug-Tracking- System (Jira, Redmine, Youtrack) Redmine, Mantis Redmine, Mantis, YouTrack, Jira Redmine, Mantis, YouTrack, Jira Redmine, Mantis, YouTrack, Jira
Autorization Permission level (Roles) available available available available
Test cases/User stories support not avaliable not avaliable available available
Full Session activity time tracking not avaliable not avaliable available available
Archive of revision history retention 4 months 6 months 12 months Unlimited
Storage level 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB Unlimited
Dedicated Phone support available available available available
Dedicated acct. manager available available available available
SLA not avaliable not avaliable not avaliable available
Price per month $29 $59 $129
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Per month billed annually $26 $53 $118
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14 days free trial
* Prices are for cloud based platform only. None of the plans include our professional testers. Our crowd testers need to be paid for separately on an hourly basis or monthly plan. Check out rates for testers.
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Can everyone use a 14-day free trial of the Ubertesters platform?

Yes, everyone who signs up to the Ubertesters platform can use the advanced Pro plan trial for 14 days absolutely for free to be able to evaluate the service. When the trial is over, you may switch to one of the suitable plans for you. If you want to discuss which plan may suit your needs best, contact us.

Do the monthly plans include any testers or testing hours with the Ubertesters crowd of professional testers?

No, the subscription plans presented on the website offer just the platform with its functionality and doesn`t include our UberTesters and testing hours with them. You may submit “Hire Testers” request, if you wish to hire our global professional testers.

I have one app developed for Android and iOS platforms. Is it considered to be one project on the Ubertesters platform?

One platform is considered as one project. If you have one app developed for iOS and Android platforms, you will need to create 2 projects.

What will happen if I do not choose any plan when my trial period is over?

If your trial is over and you still didn't select the plan, the account will be put in 'Read only' mode and the projects will become inaccessible. The account menu will be still active and you will be able to upgrade to one of the paid plans and re-activate the projects any time you need.

Can I use the platform with my internal testing team or combine it with the Ubertesters on-demand crowd of testers?

Yes, you can use the platform with your internal resources only or, if there is a need, you can always hire our external on-demand professional testers with devices to combine the testing team and manage the testers conveniently under one dashboard.

Is it possible to customize the member limit of any plan available?

Yes, you can request the customization of a member limit for any particular plan. Contact us for this purpose and specify the desired member limit.

Crowd testing is a method where the app/web testing is done by a large group of global, professional QAs that conduct the testing under real-life conditions with real devices.

Crowd testing allows more people in different geographies to participate in the testing process, with significantly lower cost to the organization, and in a much shorter lead-time.

Our crowd of testers are all professional, experienced and certified QA people or developers that are awarded per testing hour.

What you get

Professional, certified testers on demand in 120+ countries available
All testers under full NDA to ensure full secrecy available
Functional, localization, exploratory and usability testing available
All types of real devices available
Full access to the Ubertesters platform included ($129 value) available
Personal project manager available
Real-time activity monitoring: pay only for the active testing time available
Full Money back guarantee within the 10 first hours of testing available
Pricing starts from $25 per testing hour
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