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Test your digital product globally – with experienced testers, on all types of real devices, under real-world conditions.

Our global, certified, vetted, professional digital testers are up to any task - we call them Ubertesters

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Hire Testers
Releasing a flawless app is a big challenge. Let us help you - our Ubertesters thrive on challenges.
Get to the market faster - our teams will Ubertest your app for bugs like there is no tomorrow.
Short on testers or need to test on multitude of mobile devices? Our Ubertesters are here to help.
Don’t let your customers walk away because of software glitches - Ubertest your app now!
Want a global domination? Test your app globally with our international Ubertesters teams.
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Professional Ubertesters on demand in 120+ countries!

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What you get when hiring testers with Ubertesters

  • Full access to the Ubertesters platform included ($129 value)
  • Professional, certified, on-demand real testers in 120+ countries All testers under full NDA to ensure full secrecy
  • Most flexible, fast, and cost effective way to scale your QA and deliver high-quality digital software
  • Functional, localization, usability testing and more, either exploratory testing or test cases execution
  • Personal assigned project manager and a community manager
  • Thousands of real devices with any desired OS or carrier
Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour Full Money back guarantee Learn more

Join the world's smartest companies using Ubertesters on their way to 5-star apps

How it works

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Fill up a short form with basic information about your project as well as a brief description of your testing needs and specific instructions.

Our project manager will get in touch with you over phone or email to clarify any remaining issues. You will also discuss the number of qa testers , required mobile devices and their operating systems, deadlines, test plan and any other special requirements that you may have.

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Based on the supplied information we will prepare an offer for you and will be ready to start once you complete the payment.

Our professional qa testers will start the testing process. You will receive all the reported issues on the Ubertesters robust, award-winning platform. All issues may be further automatically submitted into your bug-tracking-system so you may continue handling the issues.

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Who are your testers?

Our Ubertesters are professional, experienced, global android app testers and iOS testers with mobile devices that are looking for mobile testing tasks. All of our Ubertesters were certified by our mobile testing company and went through our profound qualification process.

Our Ubertesters are constantly being rated by both our customers and our internal team to ensure they meet the highest standards expected of them.

Is it possible to select a combination of mobile devices and OSes that I want to have my app tested on?

Yes, when you submit your “Hire Testers” request, our project manager will get in touch with you in order to specify your testing needs and requirements. You may choose the desired combination of a device and operating system and we will take this requirement into account when building your testing team.

How do I see the testing progress?

You can easily monitor the testing progress and contribution of each tester through the Ubertesters web dashboard. When you log into your account and choose the revision that is being tested, you will see “Issues” section where all reported issues and crashes appear in real-time. You can check all the details of the issues that the testers report.

Moreover, with Ubertesters mobile testing company you can track the sessions of the testers and see who tested your app, what exactly they tested, how much time was spent and what the outcome is. Just click on the menu section “Activity” -> “Sessions”.

How do I check how much time was spent on testing my app?

With the session tracking feature, the system is pretty transparent - just log into your account, select the revision that is being tested and choose “Activity” in the left menu bar and then click on “Sessions”. You will find there the details of each testing session of every active member and can check which issues and reports were sent in each particular session, as well as active testing time.

What type of testing do you offer?

We currently offer functional testing, localization and usability testing.

Will I communicate with all beta testers who test my app?

No, you will have your personal project manager assigned to your project, who will take care of the testing process and the testing team management. The project manager will communicate directly with you and can discuss any questions and extra requirements if appear.

Can I use test cases when testing my app with Ubertesters?

Yes, Ubertesters platform supports test cases. You can create test cases in the project dashboard under “Tests” and they will be available for the testers on mobile devices. You can add a test case description and expected result. When start testing a tester may choose a particular test case, read the testing scenario and the reported issues will be associated with the chosen test. At the end of the bug submission process, the tester can mark the test result as “Failed” or “Passed”, and these results will be accessible through the Ubertesters web dashboard for the manager as well.

How soon can you start testing my app after the discussion of the requirements?

We can start to test mobile application within 24 hours after all the requirements clarification. During our discussion we will ask you to specify the dates that are suitable for you.

Will testers use only real devices?

Yes, all our mobile testers use real devices, no emulators, which ensures greater accuracy of the testing results.

How do I pay for this service?
Payment for the platform:

When you choose your preferred pricing plan, you will have an option to be charged on a monthly or a yearly basis. For the chosen period you will have to pay in advance. You may pay with your credit card or via a PayPal account.

Payment for the “Hire Testers” program - professional software testing services:

Depending on your preference, you may order some particular number of testing hours, thus creating a “bank” of testing hours for future use, or ask for a project rough estimate. Our project manager will set up a call with you to discuss your requirements to prepare the rough estimate for you. As soon as the offer is accepted, you should make the payment and the testing team can start testing. You may pay with your credit card or via a PayPal account.

If you wish to use any other payment method, please, feel free to contact us to discuss.

How do you select your testers to join your team?

All our mobile app testers are certified and experienced QA engineers. The certification is held in a few stages - professional knowledge test, live interview with one of our specialists, trial tasks. Only the best qa testers are accepted to our global community of professional Ubertesters.