Mobile Build Distribution and the Importance of Over-the-Air App Distribution

Are you making a mobile app which you are positive that once it hits the market, it will earn huge popularity?

Building a mobile app takes days, weeks or even months. You put in a herculean effort in making the most beautiful and effective app of them all. However, there are plenty of mobile apps which have already hit the market and it is very important for you to find a place for the one you make. Otherwise, there are high chances that your app will lost its way in-between and never find the recognition that you aspired for.

Why is mobile build distribution important?

This is the tool that allows you to easily send your app to testers for the purpose of beta testing. The testers can easily reach your app, install it on their mobile device and start testing it. Forget about emails with the app revisions attached – after a few revisions you will just get lost in it. If you want to easily update your testers with the new app revisions, over-the-air build distribution is what you need.

How to Choose a Proper Service?

First of all, check out for distribution services that are known to be working well for your mobile app platform. If it’s an iOS app, check out the mobile build distribution services that have earned solid reputation. Also, make sure it supports Android as well. You might need to develop an Android version in the future and you probably want to use the same service for both.

It is also important to think about your app to be safe. It is not always a good way to distribute the app by just sending the links to the app by emails, as anyone who has access to the link can install the app.

It is way better if you can have control over those who can install the build on their devices. It is all possible with the Ubertesters platform. In the dashboard you can check the testers who can have access to the particular revision, and once you stop collaborating with them, you can just restrict their access so that they cannot use your app anymore on their device.

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Remember, that it is important not only to distribute your app, but also have a complete control over those who can use it and when they can use it.

Importance of over-the-air app distribution

It’s almost impossible to develop an app that’s free of bugs. However, reducing the overall error count is something that you should aim for and should be working on all the time. That’s why updated versions of apps are released on an ongoing basis.

It is important to set a smooth flow between the developer and the testers to ensure faster app updates and fixes to make sure you will market your app on a timely basis, until your competitors launch a similar app to capture attention of your target audience. Over-the-air build distribution makes it easier to work on the app development and testing, and therefore speed up the app delivery to the end users, and hopefully significantly improve your app’s rating.

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