What is new in Ubertesters 2.0?

Video recording

Video recording tool that allows you to see everything your tester did during the test session and what went wrong.

Reproducing a bug or a crash becomes so much easier when you can literally see every step, keystroke and action your testers did during the session that led to what eventually became a problem. The video recording is attached to the reported issue and shows everything that was done, including a “heat-map” and indicators such as CPU, Memory, and Network.

Ubertesters SDK auto insertion

Start your build testing immediately and ‘on-the-fly’.

Automated, hassle-free, and easy SDK integration to any APK or IPA file to immediately enjoy all the Ubertesters platform features and benefits. No more delays or need to wait for your mobile developer to integrate and compile the Ubertesters SDK within your build. Just ‘click-upload-go’.


Launch your app with confidence, knowing our pre-production SDK is disabled.

You enjoyed the benefits of the Ubertesters SDK during your beta testing phase and now ready to upload your app to the store? Go ahead and do that and never worry about our SDK any longer. Even if you forgot to remove it – we will automatically disable it for you.

Integration with Asana

Working with Asana as your project management tool? Seamless and easy integration of issues reported in Ubertesters to your Asana project.

The list of the supported 3rd party bug tracking systems is now extended with Asana. All reported bugs and issues can now be pushed and exported to the system that you like to work with.

Meet Ubertesters dashboard

Manage your QA team as easy as never before.

Hundreds of big and small improvements in the code. We just… re-innovated our back-end to make your beta- and project- management processes, builds distributions, A/B testing and other activities more stable, secure and efficient.

Enterprise Apps testing tool

The Ubertesters platform to expand the mobile testing solution of the ’Mobile Center’ product of HPE.

This exciting partnership led to significant improvements with our robust platform and added full stack of enterprise service standards that are now available to all Ubertesters platform users. These new standards help enterprises to cut costs and increase the efficiency and the likelihood that QA projects will be successful.

We are in Google Play

Download the Ubertesters app seamlessly from Google play digital distribution service.

Downloading and installing the Ubertesters app has never been easier. Just search for Ubertesters in Google play, install and get new builds easily distributed straight to your device for easy testing process.

Get full control over the app testing

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