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What is the difference between organization members?

Owner is the person who created the organization. He has an access to all the Ubertesters functionality.

The owner has the right to:

  • Create/remove the projects
  • Access payments/invoices, manage billing
  • Invite/delete organization members
  • Add users to the organization and project as Admins or Members

Admin is an organization member who has full access to the organization and project settings. However the admin cannot remove an account owner from the account.

Member is an organization user who has no access to billing and do not have right to delete the organization or its members. In comparison with admin Member has no right to:

  • Create/delete projects
  • Create/delete organizations

On the project level both, the admins and members can be granted the following roles:

Manager – has full access to the project. He can :

  • Invite members to the project
  • Grant them a permission to access the build
  • Start and remove builds
  • Access Administration part
  • Report issues and crashes
  • Manage test cases

QA, Developer – do not have access to Administration section. They cannot add new members or check the member’s list. The QA and developer has right to:

  • View project details.
  • Report issues and crashes.
  • Look through the reported issues and users’ activity
  • Check or edit the test cases.
  • Check the build devices.

Beta tester – is project member whose access to the project is limited to the reported feedback only. On the mobile device, he can only report feedback. Usually this role is granted to the external testers, beta testers or other members who should not have access to project details or resources.