Importance of iphone application testing tools

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Have you created an iPhone app and want it to attain huge success among the target group of users?

If the answer is yes, then you probably know that the iPhone application that you created should have minimum errors (Ideally no errors at all). To help you mark your app as bug-free , certain iphone application testing tools can really come handy. Well, with the Ubertesters iPhone testing platform, we provide some of these tools that have been proved to work really well.

When it comes to Android apps, the testing matrix is a bit on the complex side, so for iPhone app developers, things are expected to be easier. You have to make sure that your iPhone apps run flawlessly on iOS version that you planned to support.

If you are not already aware of this, you should remember that Apple itself has free developer tools and those can be used as iphone application testing tools. However, there are other paid services too and these are obviously more advanced and give you access to a better set of features on a whole.

The process is simple with the iPhone application testing tools that Ubertesters provides through the Ubertesters testing platform:

  • First of all, you need to integrate the Ubertesters SDK within your app and upload it to the platform. If you don`t have your own testers, you may order some of the Ubertesters crowd of testers to help you beta test your app.
  • When the team of testers is built for you, the testers are invited through the platform to test your app.
  • When it comes to testing, reporting issue is really easy for the testers, as all they need for that is just their mobile device and internet connection to send the bug out to the Ubertesters server. In a few clicks the testers can take screenshot, mark the issue on it, attach it to the report and add a few comments. In case your iPhone app crashes, the iphone application testing tool will automatically send you a crash report with error details.

With the Ubertesters tools providing the feedback on the app cannot be easier and faster. In a few clicks tester can not only share the user feedback, but also specify the suggested improvements to make the app more intuitively clear and better for end users. Basing on this feedback, a developer can make the necessary changes and ensure a better app is released to the public.

Session tracking tool allows not only monitoring the time of testers, but also track their user activity to learn more about user experience and behavior.
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