HPE Mobile center

Enhance the HPE mobile center experience for better manual mobile testing management with the Ubertesters integrated platform

Get the powerful tool from Ubertesters that will help you to test native and cross-platform mobile apps as well as web apps within the HPE ecosystem

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HPE Mobile Center is a mobility gateway that helps companies test, monitor, and improve the mobile app user experience. The mobile Center is part of the HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM), a set of software tools developed and marketed by HPE for application development and testing.

The integration of the Ubertesters platform within the HPE mobile center allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the Ubertesters tool with a properly secured app distribution across various devices worldwide, A/B testing services, a bug submission tool from within the testers app, video recording of testers action, testers sessions monitoring , and of course QC (Quality Center) integration.


  • Single tool for all your
    manual testing activities

    Distribute your build over-the-air securely, collect bug and crash reposts, review projects’ progress and upload new test-cases within a single interface.

  • Enterprise
    security level

    Create your private distribution groups, control an app access and monitor your in-house and beta teams activity.

  • Unlimited
    team scalability

    Extend your mobile app testers’ team with the skilled specialists from more than 100 countries worldwide.

  • Test your apps
    on real devices

    Get your apps tested on thousands of real iOS and Android devices around the globe.

  • Resolve
    your issues faster

    Get testers feedbacks, issue and crash reports in real time. Review testers activity and video recordings to update your project tasks properly.

  • On-Demand

    Manage your testing process anytime with continuous access through the mobile app testing software to your cloud-based projects.