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General Technical Questions

Do you have a user guide for new users?

Yes, please take a look at our Step-by-step instruction for Ubertesters organization’s manager (

I was able to upload a single build. Everytime I try to upload a new build it fails saying: “Error : Build “testapp – 1.0 (1)” already exists! ” Why can’t I upload anything else?

The reason for the error message you get is because every time there is a new build uploaded, you must change the build number. Otherwise it recognizes the build as one that already exists. Please change the new build number.

Is there any size restriction for the builds that I want to upload to Ubertesters?

Yes, the build size restriction is 1 GB.

In the past I used a project ID, but now the system requires ‘Organization Token’. What is the difference and what do I need to do?

In the latest Ubertesters SDK versions, starting with v 2.0.2 from Oct 2, 2014, the project ID is replaced with an “Organization Token”. The project ID`s are still supported for the existing projects, but all the projects that are created should use an “Organization token” parameter as described in Ubertesters SDK integration guide.

Who can upload builds to Ubertesters account?

The first build of the project can be uploaded by the project member with the ‘Admin’ or ‘Manager’ status. The further builds can be uploaded by every project member.

What is notification status? In what case I will be notified?

With Ubertesters you can track all the reported issues with the help of notification system.

The email notifications can be configured in the way convenient for a user.

There are three notification statuses

Watching – the user with such a status gets the email notification each time somebody reported an issue or edited it in Ubertesters account. The admins and managers get this status by default

Non-watching – the user will gets the email notifications about the updates in the issues he’s involved in. (the issues he created, edited or commented on).

Ignoring – the user is not getting the email notifications about the updates in any issues of the project. The notification status is set on the project level. You can set different statuses for different projects.

How to re-install the Ubertesters provisioning profile?

When installing the Ubertesters hub at the first time, you will be asked to allow the Ubertesters Network Service profile installation. The profile is required to retrieve device’s hardware information such as UDID, screen resolution and operating system version.

After the installation this profile will be available in your device settings (Settings > General > Profiles).

There is no need to re-install the provisioning profile even if you re-install Ubertesters hub or removed the profile as the device info is already saved in the system.

If you would like to remove the profile, please navigate to Profiles section on your device, select Ubertesters profile and click ‘Remove’.

What is the difference between organization members?

Owner is the person who created the organization. He has an access to all the Ubertesters functionality.

The owner has the right to:

  • Create/remove the projects
  • Access payments/invoices, manage billing
  • Invite/delete organization members
  • Add users to the organization and project as Admins or Members

Admin is an organization member who has full access to the organization and project settings. However the admin cannot remove an account owner from the account.

Member is an organization user who has no access to billing and do not have right to delete the organization or its members. In comparison with admin Member has no right to:

  • Create/delete projects
  • Create/delete organizations

On the project level both, the admins and members can be granted the following roles:

Manager – has full access to the project. He can :

  • Invite members to the project
  • Grant them a permission to access the build
  • Start and remove builds
  • Access Administration part
  • Report issues and crashes
  • Manage test cases

QA, Developer – do not have access to Administration section. They cannot add new members or check the member’s list. The QA and developer has right to:

  • View project details.
  • Report issues and crashes.
  • Look through the reported issues and users’ activity
  • Check or edit the test cases.
  • Check the build devices.

Beta tester – is project member whose access to the project is limited to the reported feedback only. On the mobile device, he can only report feedback. Usually this role is granted to the external testers, beta testers or other members who should not have access to project details or resources.

What lists of devices can be found in the ‘Build devices’ tab?

Build devices
These devices belong to team members that have been granted to install this build.

Project devices
The list shows all devices that belong to team members that haven’t been granted the permissions for testing this build. Set the permissions to ‘On’ if you would like them to install the build.

Known devices
This list shows provisioned devices that belong to Ubertesters members who are not in the project team. You can add these members to project team and grant them permission for testing this build.

Unknown devices
This list shows provisioned devices UDID that aren’t connected with any Ubertesters member. Please ask the member to register in Ubertesters system.

Does Ubertesters support cross-platform apps?

Ubertesters have special SDK for such cross-platforms as Unity, Xamarin, Phonegap/Cordova, Appcelerator. You can also upload any .ipa/.apk file created with in cross-platforms without SDK.

I’m getting a message ‘Device is not provisioned’ though it is. How to solve this?

Since iOS 10, Apple decided to have stronger control over target advertising, ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ setting is enabled by default on the devices with iOS 10 and higher. To collect the required information about your device, Ubertesters requires to disable ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ on the devices you would like to install your builds on.

This can be done in the following way:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking

After this the system will prompt you to install Ubertesters profile, please check installation guide.


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