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Roll out new features and test some more. That’s the smartest way to make the most out of your business and meet your performance goals.

More than easy. It’s beautifully simple.

Our team created perfect conditions for you to test your enterprise app.
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Stay on top of your app's quality with the Ubertesters platform.

Build distribution optimized for enterprise apps

It will take you a few minutes to distribute your new build to internal team members or external testers. No AppStore review is required. Only you have the full control over your builds.

100% OS versions support

Ubertesters is designed to work the way your app works – with any preferred OS version. Test on iOS7, Android 4.1 or whatever.

No limits! We like to keep things simple.

Build a culture where insights come from everywhere.

Create different distribution groups and within the groups add your company employees as well as external testers. Ubertesters in-app bug submission feature allows submitting bugs right from within the app. All the data about the device and the OS is sent automatically to the developer.

Your developers will get comprehensive bug reports with edited screenshots even when your tester is a non-technical marketing manager.

Manage and monitor every testing session.

Ubertesters platform gives you an actionable view of which testers are performing best so that you can achieve a higher ROI. You get enterprise-level data that's fast, accessible, and ready for action by your whole team.

Sit back in your chair, relax and enjoy a real-time 360 degree view of your enterprise app testing process.

Make sure your enterprise app will work in offices located in other countries.

Let your enterprise app grow quickly as well as your business. Within the Ubertesters platform you can hire testers on-demand from specific countries and with specific devices, different OSs, and multiple carriers.

The Ubertesters crowd-testing solution ensures that the test session is more reliable, significantly less costly and much faster. Make sure your enterprise app will work globally and cross geographies.

Stay on top of your app's quality with the Ubertesters platform.

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Anews has great respect for the technical and management capabilities of Ubertesters. We would highly recommend Ubertesters to all mobile app owners that need one-stop shop for their mobile app testing needs.

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Vitaly Sharaevskiy, Lead developer,

Ubertesters proved itself to be extremely reliable, responsive and helped us release a better production version. We'll definitely use Ubertesters again in the future.

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Adi Sideman, CEO,

We found the feedback extremely helpful in preventing future issues, the documentation provided was deep and valuable, and the issues presented within the platform were self-explanatory.

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Brian Worley, CEO,
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