Duel Smart Traffic

Case Study

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Company website: www.dueltv.com
Company size: 50-100 employees
Location: Italy
Test object: Smart traffic app
Testing Type: Exploratory testing, Usability testing, Functionality testing, UX
Platform: Android & iOS

Brief information about
the company

Smart Traffic app is a service that assists travelers in dealing with the inconvenience of road traffic. This is a GPS app to show traffic issues on familiar routes for commuters and provide useful information on roadblocks and heavily congested routes to help them make better-educated decisions about the best way to their destination (it is not for navigation like Waze or Google maps).


The customer desires to conduct real-life testing in North America of their navigation mobile application under real-life conditions, with 100+ drivers, while driving to the chosen destination, using the recommended routes.

The client is located in Italy, and thus, has no access to USA/Mexico drivers with their own cars to perform the required testing. Further, this type of testing by no means could be executed by an in-house QA team since the scope required not only to conduct the test of the mobile application itself but also to go through the entire process of GPS rides: laying routes, finding various points on the map, identifying traffic jams and accidents on the route and designating the shortest and best route. It was important to cover as many test points as possible that the application could cover. One of the most difficult challenges was to find as many available testers in hard-to-reach places (some less populated regions).


The complex need to use 100+ real drives with own cars, while performing functionality, usability, and location-based testing was a perfect fit for the Ubertesters crowdtesting service.

Crowdsourced testing was the only possible way to meet the set of these strict requirements. With a large and trusted testers’ community that is spread all over the world, Ubertesters was able to build the right team, with their own vehicles, for this complicated test project that included driving around, performing other test requirements, and executing different test cases while meeting the strict deadlines as presented by the client.


With a team of 100+ North American drivers (USA and Mexico), who downloaded the app, received the test cases, and started driving around for testing purposes, the project goals were met in a perfect manner. The team of testers was able to cover multiple mobile platforms and execute all the required test scenarios. The testers reported dozens of issues related to usability and functionality and gave the client the unbiased feedback they needed from real drivers in the actual target market.

The client received important feedback described in a precise manner to help the client improve the app significantly and make the process of traveling comfortably by car and choosing the best way to the destination a much better one. The quality of service was shifted to another level allowing to attract many new users and get thousands of highly positive feedback.

Why Ubertesters

Providing a cost-effective, customer-oriented, and highly flexible service, Ubertesters appeared to be the winner in a competition with our crowdtesting counterparts.

The large community of globally certified reliable testers, in more than 120 countries and thousands of cities, allowed the client to get testers in the specific location, and with any required device, operating system, or carrier. The testers were willing to meet the challenging test requirements and conduct testing fast and in a trustworthy manner.

Another factor that pushed the customer to choose Ubertesters as a preferred testing provider was the many positive references received from a list of our current customers. With all that being said Ubertesters proved their name as one of the best and trusted global crowdtesting providers to meet any challenge presented by our clients.


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