Ubertesters Launches a New Rating System for Testers

/ 22nd February, 2023 / New Service Update
Ubertesters Launches a New Rating System for Testers

Ubertesters, the platform for crowd testing, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new rating system for testers. The new feature aims to motivate and inspire testers to improve their skills and performance and provide a better understanding of their achievements on the platform.

Starting in February, Ubertesters will evaluate all testers after each test cycle they take part in. The rating system is based on two main criteria: bug report quality and tester reliability. After each test cycle, testers will receive a rating from 1 to 5 stars in each criterion. Ubertesters will use the moving average of the results of the last 10 test cycles that a tester performed with the platform.

A new rating system is an excellent tool for testers to manage their growth as part of the Ubertesters community. Testers will be able to know their rating and always receive feedback. Moreover, the rating system will allow the platform to know which testers provide higher quality performance and, as a result, invite them to more projects and offer higher pay rates over time.

Ubertesters is a company focused on innovation and platform development, making it a better place for testers to improve their QA knowledge. The rating system is transparent, and each tester receives an evaluation from the assigned project manager and the client after the test cycle is completed.

To help testers increase their ratings, Ubertesters has some tips and tricks. We advise testers to meet their deadlines, follow the rules and instructions, and prepare a quality bug report with detailed information, screenshots, and video recordings. Commenting on other testers’ bugs is also an excellent way to increase ratings.

The new rating system is a significant step forward for Ubertesters and its relationship with the community of testers. It will provide a more accurate evaluation of testers’ skills and contributions, allow better matching with relevant projects, and give testers the opportunity to showcase their talents and receive recognition for their hard work.

In conclusion, Ubertesters’ new rating system will benefit the clients, the platform, and the large community of testers. It is an exciting development that will motivate and inspire testers to grow as part of the Ubertesters community. We can’t wait to see how it contributes to the platform’s development in the coming months and years.

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