How to Increase your App’s Ranking

/ 24th October, 2013 / Tips and Tricks
How to Increase your App’s Ranking

Users being able to find your app, downloading it and then spreading the word about it is key to increasing your app’s ranking. The key word in that sentence is DOWNLOADING. When it comes to metrics getting into the top rankings in the app stores is figuring out how many downloads you’ll need to get into a high rank in a specific category. Unfortunately, there is no exact way to find out this magic number, so a ballpark figure will do. At it’s most basic, try to find an approximate number of downloads to get your app to the top of the app heap.

That being said, let’s explore some of the ways that can send your app’s ranking through the roof.

First and foremost you must put some thought and time into creating an app that appeals to a niche market or a large segment of the population. The app market is growing by the minute and getting your app to scream for attention is no easy task. It needs to help, engage, entertain, and inspire among other things. The app market knows no boundaries. Everyone from kids that are born to see the mobile phone as a full entertainment system to banks or work platforms are part of the app industry.

There are lots of factors that go into creating a killer app, definitely too short for one post. So, let’s break a few of the key factors down:


Know that creating a learning game for kids on an iPhone is much different than them using a full blown desktop game. Especially for kids it is important to remember to monitor how they interact with the game, get feedback and refine.

See the Greatness in the Platform

Mobile technology is advancing at a dizzying rate. While many have limitations, it is the advanced features such as touchscreen capabilities and voice recognition that you need to embrace to make it unique and appealing to your target audience.


If you can personally see the potential for an app and firmly believe in the idea that you are about to embark upon, then that should be good enough reason to follow your heart. Don’t start thinking too much about what others want. Give them what YOU want because chances are, others will want it when you deliver it to them

Did someone say BUG?!

When people scream at the sight of a cockroach, that is pretty much the reaction (thought it’s usually silent) that people emit when they encounter a buggy app. Test for various devices. Test for the various operating systems out there. This is what makes app development a royal pain. But it can be done.

Testing mobile apps is a completely different undertaking than testing a desktop app. Testing Android apps is much different than testing iPhone apps. You should seek a mobile testing service that allows a QA project manager to have complete control on build distribution, crash reporting and management, and bug control. Make sure it’s BUG FREE or at least 99.9% Bug free:)

If you promote it then they will come..Er download!!

Below are some strategies to increase those downloads. That is, AFTER you develop that killer app and make sure it’s well-tested:)

  • App review sites will put your app on the stage. In the limelight. New apps get downloaded more when they’ve been reviewed by a site that has authority, like a highly respected iPhone app review site or a mainstream tech news site like TechCrunch.
  • Blogs and Tech writers are always looking for news to share with their audience about cool new apps. If you want a surge in downloads when you launch, reach out to these outlets. Here are some tips on how to do it:
    • Get to know the writers by reading what they are writing about, show them you know in your pitch, make it enticing enough and you might just get a media hit.
    • Don’t make up some big app tale. Don’t oversell. If you do, you can say sayonara to that reporter.
    • Keep it short, tell them what they need to know in easily understood messaging. Talk about the importance of the app and any successes you already have.
    • Create a story rather than an ad. How it does this. How it does that. Helps people in real world situations.
  • Share and Share. Word of mouth is the way that things were promoted before the Internet burst onto the scene. With apps, this is a very important strategy. Make it easy to share your app. Inspire friends, family, co-workers to download it and share it. Have them check it out. They might also serve as great beta testers.

Be sure to tune in soon for more insights from the mobile frontier.

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