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September 18, 2013

Ubertesters today announced iOS7 support across the entire testing platform

New York, September 18th, 2013, Ubertesters, the mobile application testing platform company, has announced today full support for iOS7, Apple’s latest and newly designed mobile operating system, for all devices that support iOS7.

Mobile application developers that are Ubertesters customers are able to beta test their application using iOS7 devices, either new devices such as the recently announced iPhone 5S and 5C, or previous model devices that were upgraded to iOS7.

This support enables all Ubertesters customers to focus on upgrading their apps to the new Apple platform, while Ubertesters ensures they can continue testing and managing the latest iOS devices and apps.

Ubertesters is a free, cloud-based, mobile application testing platform that keeps the mobile app project manager in total control over the app testing cycle. It offers smart build distribution system and bug submission & reporting system to help the project manager with controlling and monitoring the full beta testing process.
The platform supports iOS and Android and requires simple one-line SDK integration. The latest Ubertesters SDK is 100% compliant with the changes on Apple’s new platform.

Ran Rachlin, CEO & co-founder of Ubertesters, said: “According to Apple, the new operating system will add over 200 new features, thus, users around the world are likely to adopt the iOS7 immediately. It is, therefore, essential that companies that offer tools for developers will support the latest available operating systems versions. Ubertesters addresses this challenge by offering full support to iOS7, and mobile developers around the world can immediately distribute their new build with iOS7 support to their testers and test their apps using the Ubertesters platform to make sure they launch an App that is well tested under Apple’s new platform”

“As part of our total commitment to mobile developers and the mobile app testing process, we make sure that they can support their huge customer base that upgraded their devices to the latest Apple iOS” added Rachlin, “this supports our vision – to help developers launch a stable, well-tested app”.

Mobile app developers who wish to join the beta program and get all premium features for free are welcomed to contact Ubertesters at info@ubertesters.com.

About Ubertesters:

Ubertesters is the leading global provider of a cloud-based, management tool for mobile applications beta testing to ensure a better mobile testing process that results in a flawless mobile app.
The platform offers easy build distribution to testers, profound bug-submission tool for testers, and comprehensive monitoring and control tool for the project manager to make testing management clear and easy.
Ubertesters is free for all users and provides a premium paid version for additional features.
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