Over-the-air build distribution with Ubertesters

/ 17th September, 2014 / UberTips
Over-the-air build distribution with Ubertesters

The developers and project managers are constantly searching for the best way to distribute the builds among the testers. Various distribution methods include sending the builds by email, providing the links to the build, spreading it in the internal network by FTP, etc. However, most of them are focused on the closed teams and require having all the tested mobile devices on hand. Besides all this methods are time-consuming and this can be considered a big disadvantage nowadays.

Among various distribution methods, over-the-air (OTA) build distribution is one of most challenging and is constantly gaining the popularity. It becomes an acceptable standard when dealing with mobile devices and testing mobile apps.

See below how you can take full advantage of over-the-air distribution with Ubertesters.

Why I should use OTA

One of the OTA important features is the ability to send the data (update or build) from the central location to users (testers, etc.) who cannot refuse it or decline.

It is much more convenient than other distribution methods. With wireless OTA method there is no need to connect your mobile device to the computer. There is no need to send your build by email. You will not lose the build or upload the incorrect version. A few clicks from your Admin panel – and the build is available on all the required devices.

Have your OTA under control with Ubertesters

When sending the build in the email, you cannot be sure 100% that somebody outside the company will not get an access to it. Using OTA can also be a risky thing because many companies do not support the controlled OTA. With Ubertesters you should not worry about your builds as your build is protected and OTA distribution is controlled.

The main benefit of using controlled OTA is that you can grant an access to the build and refuse it for a particular person any time you like.

How it works?

Would like to set the list of the members who have access to the specified build? It is possible directly after the build is uploaded.

Check out our short demo movie to learn how OTA works.

So, you should take the following steps to manage the access to your build in your Ubertesters profile:

  1. Go to your project and click on ‘Builds’ tab there;
  2. Click on ‘Upload new build’ (or drag and drop your build file);
  3. From ‘Builds’ tab of your project, click on the build you would like to check;
  4. Select ‘Team Permissions’ tab and check the members from the list;
  5. Click ‘Update permissions’ button. When the collaboration process is finished, you can restrict an access by unchecking the member.

Over-the-air build distribution with Ubertesters

Flexibility of using OTA with the Ubertesters SDK

We have a pleasant feature that allows Ubertesters users to select the way they restrict an access to build for the members.

When integrating your application build with our SDK, you can configure it in the different ways and specify what should see the member with the restricted access. The options are the following:

  • LockingMode.DisableUbertesters. This option is completely blocking the tested application. Its screen will be locked and the tester will not be able to navigate through it.
  • LockingMode.LockApplication. This option is not blocking a tested app, but preventing its connection with Ubertesters. It means that a tester will be able to navigate through the app, but will not be able to share the screenshots or report the issue.

Unlike Testflight and others, Ubertesters provides you with a great possibility to distribute your builds over the air and feel comfortable about their security. We allow not only to distribute the builds in the fast way, but to control the distribution and to protect your app from unauthorized access. Try it now to check all the benefits!

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