7 Benefits of Crowdtesting

/ 16th July, 2014 / Best Practices
7 Benefits of Crowdtesting

Today big corporations like Microsoft, Google and Apple distribute development tools almost for free, so there is a huge increase in the number of developers that create mobile apps and websites for different platforms. However, the process of app creation is just one side of the medal. Another one is QA.

To ensure the most efficient and cost-saving testing process many developers and companies prefer to use crowdtesting rather than in-house or outsourced testers. Let’s identify 7 reasons why crowdtesting is so popular nowadays.

The most valuable benefits of crowdtesting are the following:

1. Maximum focus and test coverage.

Leave software testing to experts and concentrate on your main activity. Crowdtesting ensures that all the test will be performed timely, accurately and efficiently. Another advantage is that in-the-lab software testing cannot cover all the devices and system configurations that crowdtesting does.

2. Reduction of costs.

In many cases crowdtesting implies pay-per-bug pricing model, so you pay only for the bugs that are discovered by testers and nothing more. However, even more cost-efficient way is to pay for actual time spent on testing.

Make sure that crowdesting platform can provide you with session tracking system. In this case you will be able to monitor time spent by your testers in real time and be aware of every testing action they do with your app. Ubertesters shows you at any time what is the status of the device and whether it is active, closed or suspended.

3. Business checks.

Developers can easily check whether their application satisfies all the business needs that it was designed to satisfy. For example, target audience coverage, feedback researches, estimation of chances for the successful deployment.

4. Usability.

Make the app easy and intuitive is a headache for developers. Crowdtesting helps you to reveal all usability issues and different development flaws at earlier stages before publishing to Apple or Google Play store, so your customers will be provided with better usability experience.

5. Efficiency and completeness.

A greater number of human resources, as well as a wide variety of testing strategies involved in the testing process, ensures that all critical bugs will be found in a shorter periods of time.

6. Flexibility.

Crowdtesting is a comprehensive and smart solution to make your software perfect no matter how complex it is.

7. Well-proven.

Crowdtesting was previously used by eBay, Amazon, GE, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook to develop user-centric products. In addition, Google regularly deploys crowdtesting for 14 of their major product lines.

Make sure to check out Ubertesters robust solution for crowdtesting: https://ubertesters.com/need-testers/.

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