4 tips we noticed from speaking with business representatives at the 4YFN 2017

/ 17th March, 2017 / Events
4 tips we noticed from speaking with business representatives at the 4YFN 2017

4YFN Barcelona 2017 is over: the booths are dismantled, promo materials are collected and all the stuff is packed up. Now it is time for two more things: contact new leads and summarize the information that we heard during the event.

We’d like to share with you 4 hot business tips that we mainly heard while chatting with more than 1,000 people during the 4YFN days.

1. Minimum Viable Product is not a product anymore.

Are you going to launch a new web or mobile app? Instead of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), identify your Riskiest Assumption and Test it (RAT). Replacing your MVP with a RAT will help you avoid a lot of pain, finding sponsors and partners and also, making a positive first impression on your end-customers.

4 Business tips from Ubertesters

2. The people who told you “Yes” were the people who eventually told you “No”.

Your audience is not as rigid as you think. If somebody told you that “this next big thing will break the market” do not rush to develop it. Start your idea with a focus-group so that you can run tests on a prototype, or hire people worldwide to make your idea review.

4 Business tips from Ubertesters

3. Don’t speak German or Hebrew? That’s OK, because a code is a universal language.

Developers and testers from opposite corners of the world are still able to collaborate, even if they don’t speak the same language. All you need is a good development team and a tool that will help you handle the process.

4 Business tips from Ubertesters

4. There is no land for copycats.

Forget about the “A-Z steps coping” strategy. You will never get results that are similar or even close to those results which the top players receive. Analyze your unique proposal and organize its A/B testing.

4 Business tips from Ubertesters

It was simply amazing to meet so many startup representatives, investors, enterprises, and tech enthusiasts! Hope to see you next year at the 4YFN 2018!

4 Business tips from Ubertesters


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