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Wise beta testers management is one of the most critical parts of the product development cycle that leads your project to success. Ubertesters helps you make the beta testing management process smooth and simple - so you can enjoy the results of your tester’s work without spending too much efforts on handling the complicated communication processes.

We’ve organized everything is such a way that you can instruct your testers and collect the results of the testing sessions directly in your account.

Build Distribution

When it comes to build distribution, you need to pay attention to several things. First, select the most convenient way to beta test your application so you can be sure that your testers get the right build on time and don’t miss it for some reason. Second, you should consider security and make sure your build cannot be spread among those testers who are no longer part of your team. Third, you want to make sure your testers are not testing the wrong build.

We considered these three points in our Over-the-air build distribution. You can rest assure that your build is delivered immediately after you’ve shared it with your testers and the notification email is sent to everyone in the list. Once you decide to revoke the access for some of the testers, you can do it within few clicks. The build will be closed and the testers will not be able to access it or test the wrong build.

In-app bug reporting tool

  • When a bug or issue is found, it is important to record it right away so the detailed description and the steps to reproduce it can be provided. The in-app-bug-reporting tool helps the testers to keep all the information on hand and to report the bug immediately when the tester faced it.

    With Ubertesters there is no need to make some notes in your office documents to collect the information before sending it to the developer.

  • Our platform allows you to send the bug to the server in real-time and just when you are testing your application. In addition, we automatically record your test session and you get a video of the exact session done. Click on the Ubertesters button to attach the screenshot and video and send the bug to your developer or own account.

Checking bug reports

The platform collects and accumulates all the reported issues in one place and you can access them any time you need. Navigate to the ‘Issues’ section of your project to get the detailed information about each bug, issue or improvement. You can manage the issue or edit it according to your needs. The system allows you to set the status, priority and severity of the reported issue. You are also able to assign somebody to the particular case and comment on it.

Checking crash reports

If the app has unexpectedly crashed, you should not worry that the logs will be lost. The crash report along with the full stack trace and the video recording of the last 2 minutes will be automatically sent to the platform and available in your account.

This information will help you to analyse the cause of the crash and find the right solution.

Test cases

In large projects where a lot of people are involved in the development and the beta testing process, it is recommended to take some extra steps to make sure your app is tested thoroughly and the testers should follow pre-written test scenarios. For this purpose you may need test cases which will make the whole testing process more clear, organized and complete. The Ubertesters platform allows to create test cases directly in your web account or to upload your test cases from an excel file.

The test cases are available for the testers directly on their mobile devices and on the web.

Testers activity tracking

To organize your testers’ work and to track and control your team, we present the ‘step-by-step user activity’. You can track every action that the tester performed in the project. Check the project ‘History’ tab for this purpose.

The session 'feeds' present all the necessary and required information about the tester; Device type, Operating system, build number, how long tested, and actual results. Further, each feed shows you the sequence of actions that the user performed while navigating through the testing app. This helps you to reproduce the bug even if the tester forgot to add something to the report.

Crowd testers

Customers today have zero tolerance for bugs and crashes, thus, you must launch a well-tested app that is bug free. Ubertesters crowd of professional, experienced and certified testers will find the quality bugs before your clients do. Either you need an extension to your own in-house QA team, or require global mobile beta testers - our crowd of Ubertesters will come to the rescue to ensure you can trust your app.

Ubertesters crowd testing service allows you to hire the required number of testers with any device, just when needed, to prepare your app for the release and do ‘in-the-wild’, real-life testing. You don’t even need to be a project manager for this purpose - our team will manage the beta testers groups for you. So, sit back, relax and let us find the bugs before your clients do!

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